Affordable pricing.

Exceptional care.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers unparalleled access to your personal physician, extended office visits, and electronic communications—all for an affordable, budget-friendly price.

What are the Benefits?

At Bethlehem Direct Care, our doctors are able to provide highly personalized, coordinated, and comprehensive care to our patients through thorough, unhurried visits.

How Much will it Cost?

Depending on whether you are an individual, family or a small business, Bethlehem Direct Care can custom tailor an affordable plan with easy payments that is right for you.

How we are different

By working DIRECTLY with our patients for a transparent monthly or annual fee, we are able to remove many of the barriers to care that are created by the middle men of insurance companies and government agencies.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Mark and Dr. Jill DeVries have been practicing Family Medicine  for over 25 years. They moved to Alexander County in July 1999 and have lived and worked here ever since. They are switching to Direct Primary Care to get off the hamster wheel of churning through patients and to have time to put the “care” back in healthcare.

Direct Primary Care - Hickory, NC
Get Direct Now!

We are limiting our patient panel to 600 patients. In a traditional primary care office, each doctor is responsible for 2,000 or more patients. By limiting the number of patients, we are able to offer comfortable, unrushed visits. Become a member now!

Bethlehem Direct Care Team
Have Questions?

We know you do! Check out our FAQ page for the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Or feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to start the conversation.

Experience the Direct Care Difference!

Bethlehem Direct Care is part of a growing movement within Family Medicine that is steadily spreading across the nation. Won’t you consider joining us?

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