About Bethlehem Direct Care

The Doctors…

Dr. Mark and Dr. Jill have created Bethlehem Direct Care to be independent, unique, and sustainable—providing an alternative to the big, hospital-owned and insurance-driven practices in the area.

We became Family Physicians because we enjoy caring for people and for our community. At Bethlehem Direct Care, that’s what we do!

Direct Care…

Direct Primary Care simplifies medical care. There are no confusing insurance forms to deal with, no surprise bills in the mail, no phone trees to get lost in.

DPC gets back to the basics of Family Medicine but with the added benefits of today’s technology.

Our Patients…

Lock in a personal relationship with a physician who invests the time it takes to know them and enjoy concierge-level quality of care and service at a price that is less than most cell phone bills.

You have access to care from your own physician when you need it. Come and experience healthcare that is tailored to you and not your insurance company!

We Keep Costs Down

By not accepting insurance payments, we are able to keep our costs low for labs and the like, and then we pass those savings on to our patients.

More Time for You

We spend less time on computer screens and paperwork, thereby leaving us more time to devote to our patients and their needs.

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