For Employers

Direct Primary Care for Small Businesses

Direct Primary Care (DPC) DPC works well for small businesses who may be overwhelmed by the cost of traditional health insurance for their employees.

As a small business owner you care about your employees, but may be unable to afford health insurance for them. Employers who do provide insurance may be able to pair DPC with a high deductible plan or a self-insured plan for greater savings. Direct Primary Care can help provide health CARE for your employees and help provide a valuable benefit which they can use.

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Employer DPC Plans

Employers can pay for none, part or all of the monthly membership fee for the employee and their family members. Any labs or in-office procedures may be either charged to the employee or the employer. Employees are eligible to continue with an individual membership with Bethlehem Direct Care if they leave employment.

Businesses who do not provide health insurance may be able to provide this as a post-tax benefit for their employees, or simply deduct the fees from their paychecks and submit payment to Bethlehem Direct Care. Please speak with your accountant about how this can be done.

Save money for your business with DPC

If you are self-insured you may be able to save money for your business—as Direct Primary Care offices do a good job at preventing unnecessary visits to urgent cares and emergency rooms. Please speak to your benefits administrator about how self-insured plans can be combined with Direct Primary Care.

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